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Material Selections

To learn more about what type of pool is most designable for your outdoor entertainment, please fill out this step-by-step pool specification form. This information will be helpful when we schedule our meeting to discuss your desired pool and its design.

  1. Type in your personal information, and click the Next button to begin.
  2. You will be asked to upload photos of your backyard with your house in the background. Also please upload a copy of your final survey showing your house on the property. (You should have a copy of this from when you bought and closed on your house.)
  3. Select your pool design concept: geometric, free form, or pool with spa.
  4. After selecting the design concept, you will see the first product selection step for Tile.
  5. To see the available tile options, click the Design Options button below, which will open the NPT Design Center website. (Please leave this page open until your material selection process is complete.)
  1. As you proceed through the steps on the form (Tile, Pool Finishes, Hardscapes), please reference the corresponding page on the NPT Design website to browse the available options and make your selection.
  2. Copy and paste, or type in the product selection from the NPT website into the corresponding fields on each step of the form.
  3. Submit the form, and we will contact you to discuss your pool design project.

    Product Selection Form

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    Property Photos*

    Step 2 of 12

    Please upload a photograph of your backyard with home visible.
    Backyard Photo* (required):
    File upload limit 3MB
    Also please upload a copy of your final survey showing your house on the property.
    Property Survey:
    File upload limit 3MB

    Step 3 of 12: Pool Design Concept*

    Click here for Pool Design reference images

    Step 4 of 12: Tile Selection

    Tile Option 1
    Tile Option 2

    Step 5 of 12: Pool Finish Selection

    Pool Finish Option 1
    Pool Finish Option 2

    Step 6 of 12: Hardscapes Selection

    Hardscapes Option 1
    Hardscapes Option 2

    Step 7 of 12: Outdoor Elements | Lighting Selection

    Lighting Option 1
    Lighting Option 2

    Step 8 of 12: Outdoor Elements | Fire & Water Features Selection

    Fire & Water Feature, Option 1
    Fire & Water Feature, Option 2

    Step 9 of 12: Outdoor Elements | Fireplaces & Firepits Selection

    Fireplaces & Firepits, Option 1
    Fireplaces & Firepits, Option 2

    Step 10 of 12: Outdoor Elements | Outdoor Grills & Kitchens Selection

    Grills & Kitchens, Option 1
    Grills & Kitchens, Option 2

    Step 11 of 12: Outdoor Elements | Accessories Selection

    Accessories Option 1
    Accessories Option 2

    Step 12 of 12: Outdoor Elements | Fence or Screen Enclosure

    Please click the links below to view options for fences and screen enclosures, then enter your preferences below.


    Screen Enclosures

    Fence or Screen Enclosure, Option 1
    Fence or Screen Enclosure, Option 2

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