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Pool Building Process

Design and Planning

1. Consultation

An experienced and professional Designer Consultant will visit your home to discuss your pool requirements. During the meeting, they will present a range of pool designs and assist in determining your specific preferences. Additionally, the consultant will take measurements of the yard, home, and its windows and doors, along with a myriad of pictures to ensure an accurate design can be created.

businessman pointing pencil toward location on blueprint document

2. 3-D Pool Design

Before we commence construction, we provide every client with a 3-D computer generated design. These renderings are exceptionally lifelike, in full color, and to actual scale, and enable you to visualize how all the components of your pool design will blend with your home and project scope. During this phase, you have the opportunity to suggest any revisions or enhancements that may be required. Once your design is approved, we utilize this layout to develop drawings and initiate the layout process.

computer rendering of pool installation behind modern home during evening hours with lighting inside the pool and spa, and around the perimeter.

3. Selection of Materials

After the approval of your design, your Design Consultant will arrange a meeting with you at one of our Design Locations. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to explore various samples of tile, interior finish, decking, and stone. This will enable you to select the materials that align perfectly with your pool’s requirements.

three pool tile samples


1. Layout

The this phase marks the initial step in building your pool. During this stage, we will transfer the measurements and plans of the pool onto the designated site area. This allows us to visualize the pool’s actual size and shape, providing an excellent chance to make any necessary adjustments to its dimensions and placement before commencing excavation work.

blueprints of planned pool area behind house

2. Excavation

After completing the layout stage, our next step is to excavate the grass, underlying soil, and rock to properly prepare the site for pool construction.

excavaction to dig area for pool using large crane machine

3. Forming & Steel

Similar to how steel and wood are utilized to create a sturdy base for a house, they are also employed to shape and construct your pool. Although it may appear rough in appearance, it plays a crucial role as the framework for a pool scape that boasts exceptional structural strength.

workers standing in new pool installation with wire braces to form the shell of the pool before the concrete pour stage

4. Electrical & Plumbing

Prior to the gunite process, we complete the installation of all plumbing and electrical components. Our team conducts pressure tests on the plumbing system to ensure its functionality, while also ensuring that the electrical components comply with the required city and state codes.

plumbing and electrical components installed in framework for a pool being constructed

5. Gunite Application

A proficient and experienced team diligently applies gunite, using high-pressure hoses, to form the sturdy inner shell of your new pool. Witnessing the application and careful working of the gunite concrete onto the forming structure is truly awe-inspiring, giving you the first glimpse of your dream pool coming to life.

worker spraying gunite to build shell of a new pool

6. Tile & Coping

You’ll find an impressive range of natural stone tiles, slates, ceramics, and mosaics to choose from. Our pool coping options are equally diverse, with the ability to craft them from natural stone such as limestone, brick, cement, or a variety of other materials.

pool installation under construction with tile newly installed

7. Decking

This area surrounding your pool is known as the perimeter area. It offers a range of surfaces, including On Deck as well as custom stone or stamped concrete, depending on your design preferences. Additionally, we can incorporate various features into this space, such as outdoor fireplaces, firepits, fountains, summer kitchens, and more, as per your design specifications.

poolside deck with brick pavers

8. Interior Finish

Applying the interior finish is a task that demands both complexity and ease. It involves blowing the interior finish onto the gunite and necessitates a skilled and diligent crew to swiftly smooth the surface, ensuring a stunning finish. Once completed, the pool is promptly filled with water. Over the next 7 days, it is crucial for homeowners to diligently brush the pool twice a day to achieve the smoothest surface possible. If, for any reason, you are unable to participate in this vital step, please reach out to Imber Pool + Outdoor for assistance.

workers standing inside empty pool installation, working on pool surfacing stage

Start Up & Training

Many new pool owners often feel overwhelmed when it comes to starting up and maintaining their pool for the first time. However, we are here to help ease that burden. We offer comprehensive training to every homeowner on how to effectively use the pool equipment controls. Additionally, we provide a complimentary manual that provides detailed instructions on how to easily care for your pool. If you have any questions or concerns about pool maintenance or equipment, our service department is always available to assist you.

pool maintenance worker stands near pool while holding pool cleaning equipment