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Pool Design

You need a custom pool design to fit your lifestyle, You’re in the right place. Design your pool with David. Aquascapes Pools & Spas isn’t just about creating a place for a quick splash. Nope, we’re about designing cool pools that make your backyard scream, “Wow!”

We’ve got the latest and greatest pool designing software at our disposal. This allows us to take our wildest ideas and convert them into 3D models. Want a waterfall cascading into a heated spa? No problem. A swim-up bar for those lazy summer afternoons? You got it. An infinity pool that makes your backyard look like it stretches into forever. We’re on it.

Our custom pool design process is a bit like chatting with a friend. We sit down, grab a cup of coffee (or a cold drink if you prefer), and talk about your dream pool. We want to know all about the designs you have in mind, what you want to feel when you see your pool, and how you want it to fit into your overall landscape.

Once we’ve got a good idea, we fire up our software and create a 3D model. We’re not just talking about a bird’s eye view here. We give you a virtual walk-through so you can see your future pool from every angle. You can tweak and tune until you’ve got the pool you’ve been dreaming of.

Philosophy “no two are the same”
A bit hard to do, but Aquascapes Pools and Spas, LLC never duplicate a design, without expressed written authority from that homeowner. Many, in fact ALL pool design and build utilize templates, it’s an enormous time saver. Not here, you will be in the live design session, as we draw in full color to scale. This process ensures the correct modifications, optional features: if desired while considering your homes setting North- South- East & West. The sun will rise and fall on your model, live.

Computer renderings display custom configurations of your proposed pool design.

Design Concepts

Geometric Pools

set of 16 images featuring geometric shaped pools

Free Form Pools

collection of free form pool designs

Pools with Spas

collection of pool images with integrated spas